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June 2007

Dear Community Campaign Coordinator,

Welcome! Thank you for agreeing to lead the 2007 United Way Community Campaign at your organization. I hope you are as excited as I am about participating in this important campaign that will raise dollars to change lives and improve conditions in the communities where we work and live.

Charles W. ShiveryAs a Community Campaign Coordinator, you are on the front lines of changing lives in our community. Your commitment, dedication and passion for this volunteer role will be, in the end, what contributes most to our success.

As a businessman and community volunteer, I feel strongly that a contribution through our local United Way Community Campaign is the best way to ensure children are successful, families are strong and healthy and there is a safety net for those in need. It is you, and the millions of dollars that you will help to raise, that truly changes lives in our community. We recognize that your work on the campaign will be an investment of your time, resources, creativity and caring. For all that you will do, I extend my gratitude in advance.

This Coordinator Toolkit will equip you with helpful information on how to run the most effective campaign. All of the steps outlined in this guide are proven to deliver successful results. In addition, you are provided with links to United Way’s web site for specific resources that will help make your job easier, such as sample letters, suggested themes, logos, vendor lists and much more. Through strategic campaign planning, education of your employees and reaching out to potential leadership donors, you will help lead the United Way Community Campaign’s efforts in providing resources to address the root causes of our community’s most urgent health and human service needs.


It is time to get started! The first thing to do is contact your local United Way Community Campaign staff member or loaned executive. Engage them in every step of your campaign process, from planning to reporting results to thanking your donors. You do not have to do this job alone!


Thank you for lending your time and talents to ensure that everyone in our community has the opportunity for a better future.


Charles W. Shivery
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Northeast Utilities
2007 United Way Community Campaign Chairman

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